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Situations: On Holiday + worksheets bundle

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Situations: On Holiday + Worksheets 


What's inside?

This bundle consists of 297 pages in PDF and contains two materials:


Situations: On Holiday (check detailed contents HERE)


Worksheets - Situations: On Holiday (check detailed contents HERE)


In total you get over 200 communicative language exercises on the following topics:

Cafe, Supermarket, Hotel, Airport, Clothes Shop, Doctor & Pharmacy, Restaurant, Sightseeing, Car rental, Public transport.


With this bundle you can:

  • prepare your students for communication while travelling in an English-speaking country
  • save your time on lesson prep: just load up the PDF 5 minutes before the lesson and know that it's going to do all the work for you
  • have all you'll ever need for teaching functional language in one folder 
  • plan conversation lessons or even build entire communicative English language course
  • stop looking for the right materials or making your own

Use the worksheets to supplement communicative activities:

  • supplement communicative exercise
  • to introduce useful phrases
  • to further practise useful phrases
  • as homework
  • as additional exercises during the lesson
  • as revision 

Who is it for?

These worksheets can be used for lessons with adults and older teenagers at levels A1-B1.


Read more:

Read what other teachers are saying about our materials HERE

Read FAQ and our answers HERE.

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