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Elementary bundle

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With this bundle you get:


1. Convo Pack: Elementary

Convo Pack: Elementary is a collection of various conversation activities, resources and ideas for elementary lessons.

What's inside?

The topics covered in the set are: Food, Family, House, Travel, Work, Shopping, Weather & Climate, Technology, Towns, Hobbies & Free time.

Convo Pack: Elementary consists of 40 pages in PDF format.


  • 10 slides with photo activities. Each slide has 5-6 questions and a prompt to initiate a short conversation.
  • 30 question cards
  • 30 "Describe it" cards
  • 15 "This or That & Why" conversation cards
  • 15 Talk about it cards - with topics for practising fluency and conversation
  • 10 Role-play situations
  • Convo Board Game - a board for a conversation game that can be freely modified to make it a different game each time. In this way, it can be used multiple times with one group. All the instructions for the game and various modifications can be found in the material.
  • Teacher Notes and Ideas - additional ideas on how to use the material and tips on how to use it and how to combine individual sections.


2. Lesson Starters Elementary

Lesson Starters Elementary is a set of 100 cards in PDF format. It will help you plan entire lessons at A1-A2 level and prepare additional activities.

What’s inside?

The material is divided into 50 topics, each topic has two cards:


Photo Card - to be used in the lesson. Each card has 3 photos and a minimum of 5 questions for discussion.


Teacher Notes cards - for teacher use only. These cards are the engine that drives the whole material. Each card has notes to help you plan lessons on a particular topic:

  • additional ideas on how to use the photos from the cards
  • ideas for vocabulary practise in each topic
  • grammar ideas that can be introduced or revised
  • ideas for communication and /or group activities

In total the set contains: 50 topics, 100 cards, 250 discussion questions, over 150 additional ideas. All of that for levels A1-A2.



Read more:

Read what other teachers are saying about our materials HERE

Read FAQ and our answers HERE.



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